Quiz: Do You Know How French Accent Marks Work?

Learn how to tell your grave from your circumflex.
A woman in a sweater writing in her notebook, possibly learning about French accent marks

Accent marks are a common stumbling block for an English speaker learning a new language. After all, you hardly ever see accent marks in English. And when you do, it’s usually a loanword from French (think déjà vu and résumé). Still, it would be a mistake to not get an immediate handle on the French accent marks when you’re learning the language. Figuring out exactly how they affect meaning and pronunciation will give you a leg up whenever you encounter a new word. After all, French pronunciation is confusing as it is.

To help you out, we created this French accent marks quiz. It includes a lot of information on how the accent marks work and where they appear. So whether you’re looking for some guidance or you want to test your knowledge, you’ll get something out of this test.

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