7 French YouTubers To Subscribe To If You’re Learning The Language

Say ‘au revoir’ to any free time you had left.
Young woman on couch watching French YouTubers

YouTube is a great place to find supplemental language-learning resources — it has hours and hours of content in every language and on every topic imaginable. French YouTubers are no exception. No matter your level of proficiency, there’s a French YouTube channel that can help you take your language skills to the next level.

Watching French YouTubers will allow you to fine-tune your listening comprehension skills and improve your handle on the correct pronunciation and cadence of the language. It’s like watching a foreign-language TV show, without the commitment! Here are some suggested French YouTubers to subscribe to in order to get started.

French YouTubers For Language Learners

1. The Purple Palace

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This account, run by an American visual artist and filmmaker living in Paris, is a good starting point for beginner French learners. The videos include a mix of English and French and are primarily vlogs about life in Paris, art and the French language.

2. EasyFrench

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Another good choice for beginners, EasyFrench teaches various French topics — how to order at a cafe, common mistakes and more — in an easy-to-understand style. Their videos always have English subtitles to act as training wheels when you’re starting out learning the language.

3. NubyBeauty

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French YouTuber NubyBeauty is a makeup, hair and fashion influencer, as well as an entrepreneur. Her videos are primarily in French with a little bit of English sprinkled in, so this channel is better for more intermediate learners. In addition to makeup, hair and clothing, her videos also cover some timely topics like the Black Lives Matter movement and things to do during the COVID-19 quarantine.

4. Norman Fait Des Vidéos

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One of the most popular French YouTubers (with over 12 million subscribers), Norman Thavaud is a French comedian and blogger who makes videos about everything under the sun. Pop culture, gaming, his cat, random sketches — there’s something for everyone on his channel. All of his videos are in French with English subtitles, and probably a good fit for intermediate learners.

5. Piece of French

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This channel bills itself as “an immersive French learning experience.” Another solid option for beginners, Piece of French features a young French woman named Elsa. She makes a variety of videos and vlogs in French with English subtitles at a relatively slow and easy-to-follow pace. The topics covered on the channel include preparing a meal, packing clothes for a trip, Elsa’s favorite French Netflix shows and more.

6. Montreux Comedy

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Every year, the primarily French-speaking lakeside city of Montreux, Switzerland, hosts the largest comedy festival in Europe. This YouTube channel posts clips of some of the highlights from the Montreux Comedy Festival. Because the videos are entirely in French — and because comedy can be challenging to mentally translate — this channel is probably better for more advanced learners.

7. EnjoyPhoenix

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A 20-something named Marie is the host of this channel, which mainly features vlogs with her daily routines, her favorite things and rants about various topics. Her videos are in French without subtitles, and she speaks fairly quickly, so this is for learners at an intermediate to advanced level.

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