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8 French Expressions About Love From Around The World

This Valentine’s Day, try expressing your love in French with these romantic phrases from France, Cameroon, Canada, Haiti, Senegal and other French-speaking countries.

In survey after survey, our own included, French is voted the sexiest language in the world (sorry Russian, most people just can’t handle your rugged beauty), but the credit can’t all go to France. The language that makes so many of us swoon is spoken by over 80 million people in 29 countries. When it comes to romantic French phrases, Africans and North Americans have their fair share of sultry pillow talk too. Here’s a selection:

In France: Avoir un cœur d’artichaut
Lit.: To have an artichoke’s heart
To fall in love easily and frequently

In Quebec: Tomber en amour
Lit.: To fall into love
To fall in love

In Belgium: Être bleu de quelqu’un
Lit.: To be blue about someone
To be crazy about someone

In Cameroon: Glisser pour quelqu’un
Lit.: To slip for someone
To fall in love with someone

In Burkina Faso: Être kaoté
Lit.: To be knock-outed
To fall madly in love

In Haiti: Avoir un coup de soleil
Lit.: To get sunburnt
To have a crush on someone

In Congo and Senegal: être amouré
Lit. : To be inloved
To be in love

In France: Être fleur bleue
Lit.: To be blue flower
To be romantic and sensitive

In France: Avoir un coup de foudre
Lit.: To have a thunder-clap
To fall in love at first sight

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