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Which language should you learn represented by a woman sitting on a couch using her laptop

Quiz: Which Language Should You Learn?

Take this short quiz — at the end, you’ll know which language is best for you to learn.

Can You Manage These Hard Tongue Twisters In 9 Different Languages?

Prepare for your tongue to be twisted in 9 different languages!

The Babbel Date Prepper: Guide to International Flirting

You and this guide are a match made in heaven!
The coolest languages in the world represented by two friends, a man and a woman, walking out of a Japanese restaurant while looking at each other and smiling.

What Are The Coolest Languages To Learn?

Unfortunately, there are no objective measures of coolness.
Cat idioms in different languages represented by a cat laying on a pillow with one paw stretched in front of it.

10 Cat Idioms From 11 Different Languages

Humans and cats have lived side by side for so long, they’ve managed to creep their way into our language.
Summer words represented by an image of friends walking at the beach on a sunny day.

11 Wonderful Summer Words From Around The World

These terms capture feelings and concepts that have no equivalent word in English.
small pig eating

Pig Latin, Dog Latin And The World Of Non-Latin ‘Latin’ Codes

Trying to mask your message or disguise your dialogue? Pig Latin is here to elp-hay.
sunset view of american town with road in the middle weirdest city names

The 35 Weirdest American City Names

It’s easy to overlook strange place names once you get used to them, but as an Italian, I’m shocked that people in the U.S. actually live in cities and towns with names like these.
asparagus against pink background spanish swear words

The Art Of Swearing In Spanish

Swearing is a great way to learn a foreign language and even achieve fluency. If you ever wanted to swear like a Spanish master, I’ve got you covered with this mini-guide to Spanish swearing.
Star Wars language represented by a closeup of Jabba the Hut.

Star Words: Language Trivia From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The earthbound origins of the names, cultures and languages in the Star Wars universe.
French animal idioms represented by a cow with tags on its ears standing against a blue sky with a few clouds.

Hilarious French Animal Idioms You Should Learn

“As bored as a dead rat” and other weird and wonderful idioms.
woman doing yoga pose outside most used german words for yoga

How To Understand Your German Yoga Teacher

Don’t assume “downward dog” has a direct translation in German.
two girl friends walking down a street in paris laughing sharing verlan examples

Verlan ‘En Deuspi’: A Quick-Fire Guide For Your Friends

Whether it’s secretive, irreverent, polite, rebellious or even a bit corny, Verlan is an undeniable facet of French. Here’s how you teach it to your non-native friends.
English words with all 5 vowels represented by a child playing with letter magnets in front of a screen with the letters on them.

5 Fascinating English Words With All 5 Vowels

Education, nefarious and euphoria each have all five vowels, but they’re not the most interesting examples.