How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In French

Learn some of the most common French vocab you’ll be running into.
A red-haired woman using the internet in French

If you’re reading this, then you almost certainly spend a decent amount of time on the internet. Maybe you’re already using the internet to help supplement your language learning. Changing the settings on your computer to French, for example, can be very useful for getting regular exposure. Before you do that, though, you’ll want to learn at least a little vocab for tech and the internet in French.

There are of course lots of specific French tech terms you might need to navigate around; for example, the French word for “to google” is googler. But to start you out, here’s the basic vocab for tech and the internet in French to help you start surfing the world wide web. In French! And don’t forget to click the play button next to each of the terms to hear them pronounced by a native speaker.

Talking About Tech And The Internet In French

French Technology Vocabulary

the hardware — l’équipement informatique

the computer — l’ordinateur

the laptop — l’ordinateur portable

the cable — le câble

to charge — recharger

the keyboard — le clavier

the mouse — la souris

the printer — l’imprimante

compatible — compatible

wireless — sans fil

the software — le logiciel

to install — installer

the click — le clic

the menu — le menu

the folder — le dossier

the file — le fichier

to save — sauvegarder

the bug — le bug

offline — déconnecté

to drag — faire glisser

French Internet Vocabulary

internet — Internet

the browser — le navigateur

the link — le lien

to load — se charger

the blog — le blog

the virus — le virus

the pop-up — le pop-up

online — en ligne

to download — télécharger

to search — rechercher

the email — l’e-mail

the chat — le chat

the message — le message

the draft — le brouillon

the emoticon — l’émoticône

the email address — l’adresse e-mail

to write — écrire

to open — ouvrir

the attachment — la pièce jointe

to send — envoyer

the social media — les médias sociaux

to sign up — s’inscrire

to log in — se connecter

the member — le membre

the password — le mot de passe

popular — populaire

the forum — le forum

the community — la communauté

the network — le réseau

to follow — suivre

French Tech And Internet Phrases

I spend my time in front of the computer. — Je passe mon temps devant l’ordinateur.

All of my files are gone. — Tous mes fichiers ont disparu.

You can download the program. — Tu peux télécharger le logiciel.

The keyboard is quite dirty. — Le clavier est assez sale.

Your password should be secret and hard to guess. — Ton mot de passe doit être secret et difficile à deviner.

I follow some of my friends on Twitter so I can keep up with what they are doing. — Je suis certains amis sur Twitter pour rester au courant de ce qu’ils font.

I need to be online, I’ve got about a million emails to send. — Je dois me mettre en ligne, j’ai un million d’e-mails à envoyer.

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