How To Talk About Transportation In French

When you visit Paris, don’t get lost on the way to the Louvre! These words and phrases about transportation in French will help you get around.
French rail line

France is a popular travel destination — people around the world come to see the landmarks of Paris, the beaches of Nice and the snow-capped French Alps. But to make a trip successful, you need to be able to navigate the place you’re visiting. Europe, after all, is home to quite a few different trams and train lines. Learning the transportation system and which side of the road to drive on is important, but it’s also helpful to learn some of the words and phrases regarding transportation in French.

Whether you’re traveling by plane or train, bus, car or bike, studying these common terms for transportation in French will make your travels much smoother. Click the play button to hear how each word or phrase is pronounced. Bon voyage !

Talking About Transportation In French

General Navigation

Turn right — Tournez à droite

Turn left — Tournez à gauche

Continue straight on — Continuez tout droit

Where is there a supermarket? — Où y a-t-il un supermarché ?

At the street corner — au coin de la rue

Can you recommend a good hotel? — Vous pourriez me recommander un bon hôtel ?

Traveling By Plane

Airplane — l’avion

Airport — l’aéroport

Terminal — le terminal

Luggage — les bagages

Hand baggage (carry-on) — le bagage à main

Weight limit — la limite de poids

Departure — le décollage

Flight — le vol

Security check — le contrôle de sécurité

Gate — la porte d’embarquement

Flight attendant — le steward

Connection — la correspondance

To land — atterrir

To check in — enregistrer

To board — embarquer

Do you have any liquids in your bag? Water? Juice? — Est-ce que vous avez des liquides dans votre sac ? De l’eau ? Du jus de fruit ?

Traveling By Train Or Bus

Public transportation — les transports en commun

Bus — le bus

Bus (or train) stop — l’arrêt

Train — le train

Train station — la gare

Ticket — le ticket

Passenger — le passager

Platform — le quai

Subway — le métro

Timetable — l’horaire

Inspector — le contrôleur

Crowded — plein (m) / pleine (f)

To catch — attraper

To transfer — changer

To validate — composter

How much is a ticket to the airport? — Combien coûte un ticket pour l’aéroport ?

Traveling By Car Or Bike

Car — la voiture

Driver — le conducteur (m) / la conductrice (f)

Bicycle — le vélo

Cyclist — le cycliste (m) / la cycliste (f)

Helmet — le casque

Headlight — le phare

Windshield wipers — les essuie-glaces

Key — la clé

Seat belt — la ceinture de sécurité

Driver’s license — le permis de conduire

To drive — conduire

To park — garer

To break down — tomber en panne

To ride — aller

You’re going too fast; you’re speeding! — Tu roules trop vite, tu fonces !

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