Introducing Parlez Away! — Babbel’s New French Podcast For Learners

Ted is learning French for love. No longer wanting to rely on his girlfriend for translations when visiting France or spending time with her family, he’s now going all-in, determined to become conversational.
Introducing Parlez Away! — Babbel’s new French learning podcast

Join Ted on his journey from beginner to confident speaker as native French speaker Caroline carefully guides him through the basics of the language and the expressions that may come in handy on his travels or during interactions with his girlfriend’s family.

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While Ted is learning French, you can too. Parlez Away! consists of entertaining conversations that help grow your vocabulary and grasp of the language while exploring French culture and traditions. Train your ears by listening to native speakers, and take your French conversations to the next level.

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What It’s All About

Parlez Away! is a great way for beginners to reinforce what they’re learning as they progress through their Babbel French courses. The first episodes will teach them how to greet others and to describe themselves, in addition to preparing them for upcoming family gatherings with our extended Christmas special.

Meet The Hosts

Caroline comes from northwestern France and knows how to get people speaking French. Three years of teaching the language in Russia equipped her with plenty of insights on how to make learning easy, effective and fun.

As part of Babbel’s team of language experts who carefully craft your French courses, she’s determined to turn Ted and our Parlez Away! listeners into happy conversationalists.

Ted is originally from Wisconsin and now lives in Berlin. He works as one of Babbel’s English language experts, and you may have heard him wax poetic about the beautiful origins and oddities of different expressions in Sam and Ted’s Famous Last Words. Now, he is determined to rise to the challenge and become a confident French speaker for his girlfriend.

Whatever your reason for learning French, this podcast will help you on your journey from beginner to confident language connoisseur!

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