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Build your own React – Episode IV

In the fourth episode of the ‘Build your own React from scratch’ series, we deep dive into Reconciliation and Patching.

Modularizing our Rails Monolith with Packwerk

Our efforts towards a majestic monolith at Babbel B2B Engineering
Butterfly evolution from Cocoon to fully formed

Build your own React – Episode III

In the third installment of the ‘Build your own React from scratch’ series, we create our first hook: useState.
Rapidly-flowing stream of water interspersed with large rocks

Exploring Web Rendering: Streaming HTML

Make server rendering feel like client rendering but without most of the JavaScript
Screen with React hello world code

Build your own React – Episode II

In the second instalment of the “Build your own React from scratch” series, we dive into the virtual DOM and learn how to create our own.
Photo of Big Ben next to a sign that says UNDERGROUND

Exploring Web Rendering: Progressive Hydration

Who said procrastination couldn’t be useful? Do it later.
Colorful building blocks children game

Build your own React – Episode I

The first instalment of the “Build your own React from scratch” series. Come along to discover how to build a simple version of React.

Challenges when switching from Engineer into Management

Some things are more difficulty than they seem
Photo of a tropical island

Exploring Web Rendering: Partial Hydration (a.k.a. “Islands”)

Take a vacation from too-much-JavaScript slowing down your pages
Neon lights saying HYDRATE

Exploring Web Rendering: Isomorphic Javascript & Hydration

Performance & SEO benefits for your single-page app
natural language processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing Research at Babbel

Check out the story of our NLP Chapter and its first scientific publication

How we moved from AngularJS to React

Migrating our internal Content Authoring Tool with zero downtime for our users
image of stage sign that says #DCBLN21 for droidcon berlin 2021

Two Babbel Engineers Reflect On Droidcon Berlin

Two of Babbel’s engineers share their perspectives on finally returning to an in-person conference in 2021 — droidcon Berlin.