Introducing French En Route: Our New Podcast For French Learners

Join fellow learner Sam as he talks with native French speakers all over the world, hearing stories about their lives and learning French along the way.
a park in Paris with view of Eiffel Tower labeled French En Route podcast for French learners

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A New Podcast For French Learners

When you’re learning a new language, there’s of course all that grammar and vocabulary to master. But it’s also important to get a feel for the natural rhythm and melody of the language in everyday use. When you go out into the world to use your French skills, you’ll encounter people who speak with different accents and at different speeds. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but our new podcast for French learners can help. Our language experts created French en route to introduce you to the kind of real-world scenarios that await — and to help you en route to having conversations in French.

What’s The Show About?

The French-speaking world is bigger than you might think. There are native French speakers in France, of course, but also in Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Corsica, Martinique and several countries. Anywhere French is spoken, Francophones have a story to tell, and in getting to know a diverse array of French speakers, you’ll improve your own language skills.

In this podcast for French learners, fellow English speaker Sam will take you on a trip around the globe, guiding you as you pick up new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that different Francophones use. French en route can help you take your French to the next level — and travel around the world without leaving home.

Listening Tips

  1. Pick the right time to listen. Ideally choose when you can relax but also focus on the podcast, like while having a cup of coffee, doing some household chores, or taking a walk by yourself.
  2. Read along. There’s a transcript that accompanies each episode, which we’ll link to in the episode description. You can also access all of the episode transcripts here. Following along as you listen will help you deepen your comprehension, memorize new vocabulary, and gain extra insights into the story.
  3. Listen to each episode a few times. We’ll release bonus monolingual versions of each episode — just the French story without Sam’s English narration. You can listen to the bilingual version first, and then listen to the monolingual version a couple of times to see how much you learned.

Brush up on your French before you listen.
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