How To Talk About Feelings In French

There, there. Let it all out (in French, of course).
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How To Talk About Feelings In French

Unless you’re a master at bottling up your feelings (we don’t recommend this strategy), you probably let your emotions get the best of you sometimes. And that’s okay! The best way to cope with how you feel is to talk about it — and that’s true regardless of what language you speak. Around the world, people have a rich and robust set of words and expressions that let them talk about what’s going on beneath the surface. So if you’re learning French, it only makes sense that you’ll want to be able to talk about your feelings in French, too.

Chances are, you’re going to experience some sort of emotion when you’re in a French-speaking context. Maybe you’re frustrated about fudged travel plans, whether it’s missing a train connection in Paris or being unable to find a taxi in Toulouse. Or perhaps you’re just happy to be spending a day with your French-speaking friend and you want to make it known. Whatever the situation, knowing how to talk about your emotions in French is sure to come in handy. 

Here are all the terms you need to talk about your feelings in French. Note that the adjectives below will need to be adjusted depending on the gender of the noun they’re describing (they’re listed here in the masculine, singular form). You can click the play button next to each of the words to hear them pronounced by a native speaker.

Talking About Your Feelings In French 

French Emotion Words

the emotion — l’émotion

the mood — l’humeur

happy — content

sad — triste

excited — excité

the joy — la joie

the love — l’amour

the hate — la haine

angry — en colère

to feel — se sentir

the feeling — le sentiment

the hope — l’espoir

depressed — déprimé

the sympathy — la compassion

lonely — seul

satisfied — satisfait

proud — fier

disappointed — déçu

upset — irrité

to get over — laisser tomber

to like, to love — aimer

French Emotion Phrases

I like you. — Je t’aime bien.

I have a strange feeling. — J’ai un sentiment bizarre. 

I am in a good mood today. — Je suis de bonne humeur aujourd’hui. 

It is exasperating! — Je commence à désespérer ! 

I’m afraid. — J’ai peur. 

He has the blues today. — Il est mélancolique aujourd’hui. 

I love you. — Je t’aime. 

Why are you sad? — Pourquoi tu es triste?

Are you happy with her? — Tu es heureux avec elle?

I am so unhappy. — Je suis tellement malheureux.

French Sensation Words

the sensation — la sensation

the pleasure — le plaisir

the hunger — la faim

the thirst — la soif

the pain — la douleur

the surprise — la surprise

nervous — nerveux

tired — fatigué

the fear — la peur

to get bored — s’ennuyer

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