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Apostrophe in Italian represented by a young woman sitting outside in Italy, staring off into the distance while writing in her notebook.

What’s The Difference Between An Accent Mark And An Apostrophe In Italian?

And more importantly, the answer to the million-dollar question: why is it written \”qual è\” instead of \”qual\’è\”?
English basics represented by a group of friends roller blading during the evening in California in front of a sandy beach, with a blue frame around the image with the word English in the bottom left corner.

English Basics: Resources For Language Learners

Everything we’ve written about English, all in one place.

Conversation Guide: How To Introduce Yourself In French

Here’s how to go beyond “bonjour” to being able to introduce yourself like a natural.
Introduce yourself in Spanish represented by a woman waving at her phone while sitting outside on a sunny day.

Conversation Guide: How To Introduce Yourself In Spanish

There’s a big, wide world of conversation waiting for you. But first, you need to get past “hello.”
Man sitting on couch looking at TikToks in Spanish

8 TikTok Accounts To Follow If You’re Learning Spanish

Looking for a quick and fun way to practice your Spanish? Check out these TikToks!
A person looking at their phone on the subway tracks and learning about gender-neutral pronouns

A Simple Guide To The Complex Topic Of Gender-Neutral Pronouns

The singular “they” is now recognized by leading dictionaries and style guides in English. What about in other languages?
Fruits and vegetables in Spanish represented by an image of radishes on display

How To Talk About Fruits And Vegetables In Spanish

All the vocabulary you’ll need for your next trip to the produce aisle.
A group of friends talking about their nationalities in Spanish on a sunny day at the park.

How To Talk About Countries And Nationalities In Spanish

No, you can’t just say “Germano” and hope to get away with it.
German pronouns represented by two friends sitting on a bench looking at a single phone.

A Guide To German Pronouns And How To Use Them

What kind of pronouns does German have? How and when are they used? This article has the answers to your questions.
10 useful French phrases represented by a street scene in Paris with cafes and customers sitting and chatting to each other.

The 10 Most Useful French Sayings For Everyday Life

These 10 French expressions are not only popular and funny (and sometimes a bit weird), but also extremely useful!
słowa i zdania w języku ukraińskim

The Most Important Words And Phrases To Welcome Refugees From Ukraine

Learning even a little bit of someone’s language can help make them feel at home.
Cheers in different languages represented by a group of people standing in a circle cheers-ing with champagne, taken from below.

How To Say ‘Cheers!’ In 10 Languages

Avoid seven years of bad luck, and some social awkwardness, by learning how to toast all over the world.