How To Talk About Clothes In French

For when you want to look élégant, or just vraiment cool.
woman in overalls and messy bun looking at clothes in a store using french clothing vocabulary

Clothes: they’re not only a necessity for anyone who doesn’t live full-time in a nudist colony, they’re also a prime canvas for self-expression. As a student of French (or even as someone who might go shopping in Paris), you’re already invested in the language of one of the world’s prime fashion capitals. Why not learn how to really talk the talk by committing some French clothing vocabulary to memory?

Of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to flex your new knowledge beyond the velvet rope of Fashion Week. Most of the French clothing vocabulary we’ve compiled below includes words you use every day, such as “shoes” and “socks.”

If you want to hear each word and phrase pronounced by a native speaker, just click the play button next to it.

French Clothing Vocabulary

Summer Clothing

summer clothes — les vêtements d’été

clothes — les vêtements

the dress — la robe

shorts — le short

the T-shirt — le t-shirt

the flip-flops — les tongs

the shoes — les chaussures

the skirt — la jupe

the cap — la casquette

the blouse — le chemisier

the shirt — la chemise

the swimsuit — le maillot de bain

the cardigan — le gilet

sunglasses — les lunettes de soleil

the sandals — les sandales

the top — le haut

Winter Clothing

winter clothes — les vêtements d’hiver

the sweater — le pull

pants — le pantalon

the scarf — l’écharpe

the hat — le bonnet

the coat — le manteau

the boots — les bottes

tights — le collant

the thick socks — les chaussettes épaisses

the rubber boots — les bottes en caoutchouc

the jeans — le jean

the earmuffs — le cache-oreilles

the woolen hat — le bonnet de laine

the gloves — les gants

the mittens — les moufles

Formal Attire

formal dress — les vêtements habillés

the dinner jacket — le smoking

the vest — le gilet

the gown — la robe de soirée

jewelry — le bijou

the cocktail dress — la robe de cocktail

the bow tie — le nœud papillon

the high heels — les talons hauts

the suit — le costume

the tie — la cravate


the underwear — le sous-vêtement

underpants — le slip

the undershirt — le maillot de corps

pajamas — le pyjama

boxer shorts — le boxer

panties — la culotte

the bra — le soutien-gorge

the socks — les chaussettes

Useful Phrases

I am looking for green pants. — Je cherche un pantalon vert.

That’s the latest fashion. — C’est à la mode.

His suit is stylish. — Son costume est élégant.

I have nothing to wear. — Je n’ai rien à me mettre.

Do you have these jeans in a different color? — Vous avez ce jean dans une autre couleur ?

This jacket is really cool. — Cette veste est vraiment cool.

This white blouse is very pretty. — Ce chemisier blanc est très joli.

Wear warm shoes! — Mets des chaussures chaudes !

I lost my gloves. — J’ai perdu mes gants.

It is too warm for a scarf today. — Il fait trop chaud pour mettre une écharpe aujourd’hui.

The coat is too expensive. — Le manteau est trop cher.

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