7 TikTok Accounts To Follow If You’re Learning French

Whether you’re a meme queen, a dog lover or really just want to learn, check out these French TikToks.
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If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, you’ve probably seen the videos of people assembling ridiculous French sentences using Google Translate. While these are pretty amusing, they only make up a fraction of the French TikToks you can find on the newly popular social media platform. 

Looking for ways to spice up your language-learning routine and tired of scrolling through French Instagram accounts and French tweets? It’s high time to get in on the action and find some engaging French TikTok accounts to help you learn the language. Here’s a list of various accounts to follow depending on your interests, including an embedded TikTok video from each account so you can preview what you’ll find there.

French TikTok Accounts To Supplement Your Language Learning

For Teachers’ Pets

♬ Arc de Triomphe – Paris Café Society

Emmanuel, a native French speaker, teaches you some of the basics of the language in short, engaging videos on his account, @encorefrenchlessons. Whether you want straightforward lessons on French greetings, a guide to common sounds French people make, or tips on how to make a traditional French breakfast, this French TikTok account has something for everyone.

For Meme Lovers

♬ son original – mexemluv

User @mexemluv was the inventor of the Google Translate French meme mentioned in the intro, so you can get your fill of those videos on this account. In addition, they have a number of other funny videos in French, which can help you practice your listening comprehension skills while having a laugh.

For Pastry Lovers

♬ Tchaikovsky : Casse noisette, marche – New Symphony Orchestra of London & Adrian Boult

If you’re a fan of chocolate, pastries or chocolate pastries, you’ll want to give @chocolatseve a follow! This account features a pastry chef baking and decorating mouth-watering French treats. The captions are entirely in French, so test yourself by seeing how much you can understand.

For Pop Culture Vultures

♬ original sound – jaydenbartels

User @lrc_lilou is a French TikTok account that posts fun videos about celebrities, TV shows and other pop culture gems. The captions and on-screen text are all in French, and the videos are much funnier if you know the language.

For A Slice Of Life In France

♬ La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

The young American woman who runs this account has been living in France for several years with her French partner. She posts videos of everyday life in Paris, scenic imagery of France and funny observations about the French language. She often includes on-screen text in both English and French, which is helpful for beginners.

For World Travelers

♬ From the Dark Night – Macadam Crocodile

If you love beautiful travel videos, this account is for you. It shows off some of the most gorgeous scenes of the French Riviera. Many of the videos include text with descriptions and commentary in French, so you can practice the language and get inspired simultaneously.

For Dog People

♬ son original – il_etait_une_fois_alex

If you just want to watch cute dog videos all day and maybe pick up a little French along the way, this is the French TikTok account to follow. Lou the Beagle is the adorable star of every video, and the French captions will help with your reading skills.

Learn some French before you scroll.
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