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Does Language change your personality by a young woman sitting outside in front of a glowing purple light.

Does Speaking A Foreign Language Change Your Personality?

Studies show that we have different personalities when we speak different languages. I’ve experienced this phenomenon first-hand — and so has my English alter-ego.
vitalina and christina babbel scholarship winners 2022

Meet Babbel’s 2022 US Language Scholarship Winners

Christina and Vitalina both came to language learning from a deeply personal place. We asked them about their multilingual dreams, favorite learning strategies and more.
Photo of Tom-Louis Flohrer

Meet Tom-Louis, Babbel’s 2022 UK Language Scholarship Winner

We spoke to Tom-Louis about his language-learning ambitions, and how he plans to use the scholarship.
language scholarship winner ben pickert

Meet This Year’s Babbel Language Scholarship Winner

We asked him about his life as a language student, from his favorite learning strategies to his most memorable challenges and triumphs.
A couple of kids playing soccer in the street and combining language and football

Language And Football: How The Beautiful Game Became Multilingual, And How The Players Cope

Football teams feature a wonderfully diverse array of players. In this multilingual environment, how do players understand one another?
Two parrots deeply in love with each other in Costa Rica

Learning A Language For Love In Costa Rica

Navigating love in a new language can be a challenge, but the rewards make it all worth it.
A photo of the skyline in Gdańsk, Poland

My Missed Opportunity To Grow Up Bilingual

I never learned my family’s language, but I cherish the snippets I do know.
little girl in yellow dress bouncing on trampoline practice german

Adventures In (German) Babysitting

To these two sisters, language learning was a game every bit as exhilarating as clambering over monkey bars.
person painting a wall white with a paint roller with soft peaceful lighting mental health

What Speaking Spanish Taught Me About Self-Care

As soon as I discovered the link between speaking Spanish and mental stillness, it took on the proportions of a superpower.
A street scene in Taiwan that demonstrates how Taiwanese signs use Mandarin characters

Say My Name

How learning a new language helped me to untangle my heritage.
aerial view of paris arc de triomphe nigerian french

Enchanté, Goodbye

The French aspirated their h’s and swallowed their r’s the same way the Yoruba did, but no one thought that the Yoruba accent was sexy.
vendor holding crepe with smoky background bad at french

The Unexpected Joy Of Being Bad At French

Alongside my frustration, a surprising feeling emerged. Not discouragement — but delight in my failure.
Journalists writing in notebooks maybe using Teeline shorthand

How I Learned Teeline Shorthand

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was little, but no one told me it would require relearning the alphabet.
vintage photo of Emilia and Richie war brides

War Brides: The Oral Histories Of The Military Spouses Who Took A Chance On America

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, Babbel presents the stories of the women who won the hearts of U.S. soldiers and came to America for love.