Why choose the Norwegian language?

For work, travel, friendships, adventures, or daily life, learning Norwegian offers numerous advantages. Whether aiming for a career boost in Norway's hydropower industry or conversing fluently while exploring majestic fjords, mastering Norwegian is swift and simple with Babbel. Babbel's user-friendly app employs innovative techniques and technology for easy, fast, and convenient Norwegian learning. Featuring a complimentary first lesson, speech recognition technology, courses for all proficiency levels, an ad-free interface, and flexible learning across devices, Babbel ensures accessibility and gratifying outcomes in your Norwegian language journey.

Learn Norwegian: Engage in conversations with 5 million native speakers

Learning a new language is a rewarding challenge that broadens perspectives and fosters connections with people worldwide. This holds especially true for Norwegian. Proficiency in Norwegian unlocks communication with around 5 million native speakers, plus millions more who speak it as a second or third language globally. Learning Norwegian also provides insights into closely related languages like Swedish and Danish, which form the North Germanic language family. With linguistic similarities, speakers of Norwegian can understand approximately 20 million people who communicate in Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish. And for English speakers, Norwegian is considered one of the easiest languages to learn due to their shared linguistic roots. Similar sentence structures and vocabulary make Norwegian approachable, offering a bridge to understanding and communication in the Scandinavian language family.

The many ways to learn Norwegian

Traditional Norwegian learning involves classroom instruction with a teacher and peers. However, Babbel Live offers an innovative alternative, bringing the classroom to your pocket. Access fully accredited native speakers without the need for commuting. For those seeking flexibility and value, Babbel provides online Norwegian courses at various levels. Each course includes a free initial lesson (on every course) and a rapid placement test to customize content to your proficiency level. The Babbel app — accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop — ensures an ad-free interface, providing an uninterrupted and tailored learning experience for mastering Norwegian.

Tips for learning Norwegian quickly

  • Explore the contrast between Norwegian's written forms, Bokmål and Nynorsk.

  • Immerse yourself in Norwegian children's TV shows and illustrated children's books.

  • Buddy up with a friend for shared Norwegian study sessions.

  • Hone your accent by listening to Norwegian podcasts.

  • Set enjoyable goals, like planning a trip to Norway or hosting a dinner with a Norwegian friend.

Learn Norwegian lessons with Babbel-App

One of the best parts of learning with Babbel is being able to fit lessons in seamlessly when you want them and where you want them. Our bite-sized lessons take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, meaning they can be squeezed into your already busy schedule, whether you’re on your commute or waiting for a pot of water to boil as you cook dinner. With Babbel, you can pick and choose the topics and themes that are most relevant to you. Taking a trip soon? Brush up on the Norwegian you’ll need for travel and navigating new places. Need to sharpen your Norwegian for an upcoming business meeting? Our courses have you covered. The iOS and Android apps are fully integrated with the web application, and your progress is synced across all devices — so you can learn Norwegian anytime, anywhere. Test first lesson of every course for free!

Test first lesson of every course for free