How To Talk About Free Time In French

Spend a little bit of your free time learning to talk about how you spend your free time in French!
A father cooking with his daughter, illustrating free time in French

There are countless ways to spend your weekends. Maybe you prefer artsy endeavors like going to museums like the Louvre, or perhaps you’re on the sportier end of the spectrum and like to play pick-up soccer (or football, as it should be) with your friends. Either way, you’re going to want to talk about your free time in French at some point.

Here’s a collection of vocab that covers a wide spectrum of hobbies, all of which will allow you to converse about how you like spending your free time in French. This overview is pretty broad, so it may be worth diving deeper into the vocabulary that’s specifically associated with your favorite pastimes, but this is a great place to start.

If you want to hear how any of these words or phrases is pronounced by a native speaker, just hit the play button on each term.

Talking About Free Time In French

General Phrases About Free Time

What do you do in your free time? — Qu’est-ce que tu fais pendant ton temps libre ?

Do you have any hobbies? — Est-ce que tu as des hobbies ?

the fun — le divertissement

Arts And Culture Vocabulary

the theater — le théâtre

the play — la pièce

the musical — la comédie musicale

to attend — assister à

the painting — la peinture

the photography — la photographie

the gallery — la galerie

the photo — la photo

to paint — peindre

the drawing — le dessin

the film — la pellicule

the performance — la représentation

to dance — danser

the book — le livre

to read — lire

the genre — le genre

the museum — le musée

the music — la musique

to sing — chanter

the instrument — l’instrument

the guitar — la guitare

the piano — le piano

Do you play an instrument? — Tu joues d’un instrument ?

I like to listen to my music very loud. — J’aime beaucoup écouter la musique très fort.

Do you like going to the theater? — Tu aimes aller au théâtre ?

I learn dancing in a dance course. — J’apprends à danser dans un cours de danse.

Games And Activities Vocabulary

the game — le jeu

the puzzle — le casse-tête

the chess — les échecs

the card — la carte

to play — jouer

the video game — le jeu vidéo

the role-playing game — le jeu de rôle

the board games — le jeu de société

the sport — le sport

the soccer — le football

the gymnasium — la salle de gym

the team — l’équipe

to go shopping — faire les courses

second-hand — d’occasion

to eat out — sortir manger

the restaurant — le restaurant

the club — le club

I love going to restaurants. — J’aime bien aller au restaurant.

I surf the internet. — Je surfe sur internet.

Do you play sports? — Tu fais du sport ?

I go jogging every morning. — Je fais du jogging tous les matins.

I play soccer twice a week. — Je joue au foot deux fois par semaine.

I am a member of a sports club for martial arts. — Je suis membre d’un club d’arts martiaux asiatiques.

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