Naming The Parts Of The Body In French

If you’re learning the language of love, you’ll want to be able to talk about the body.
a fist bump to represent parts of the body in French

It’s hard to talk about French without talking about romance, fashion and food. And it’s hard to talk about these cultural highlights without knowing how to name the parts of the body in French. French is considered the language of love, but to have a romantic relationship in French, you’ll need the words for “hands,” “eyes” and “face.” Paris is the fashion capital of the world, but to go shopping for clothes and shoes, you’ll want to learn how to say “legs,” “arms” and “feet.” And France is culinary heaven, so it’ll be useful to know words like “mouth” and “stomach.”

Whether you’re planning to eat your way around Paris, to expand your wardrobe in Montreal, or to find love with a French speaker at home, learning to name and pronounce the body parts in French will be a helpful skill. We’ve also included some example sentences involving body parts. Click the play button to hear each word or sentence spoken by a native francophone!

Parts Of The Body In French

the body — le corps

the part of the body — la partie du corps

the head — la tête

the face — le visage

the eyes — les yeux

the mouth — la bouche

the tooth — la dent

the nose — le nez

the ear — l’oreille

the hair — les cheveux

the neck — le cou

the back — le dos

the stomach — le ventre

the leg — la jambe

the knee — le genou

the foot — le pied

the arm — le bras

the hand — la main

the finger — le doigt

Sentences Involving Body Parts

We go there on foot. — On va y aller à pied.

He used his left hand to write. — Il écrit de la main gauche.

I have a headache. — J’ai mal à la tête.

He broke his leg. — Il s’est cassé la jambe.

I was lifting heavy boxes all day, now I have an aching back. — J’ai porté de lourdes caisses toute la journée, maintenant j’ai mal au dos.

Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t asleep. — Ses yeux étaient fermés, mais elle ne dormait pas.

His mouth opened wide in a big yawn. — Sa bouche s’ouvrit grand dans un large baillement.

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