Why choose the Polish language?

If you've always wanted to learn Polish, you’re nowhere near alone; tens of thousands of people study the language every day around the world. And it’s no wonder! Polish is a language that has a rich culture and history. The language can take you many places, especially around Eastern Europe.

Starting on the challenge of learning Polish opens a gateway to a global community of over 40 million speakers. Beyond Poland, Polish is spoken in Eastern Europe and dispersed communities worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Israel, Brazil, and England. Perhaps surprisingly, Polish ranks as the most spoken immigrant language in the United Kingdom. Beyond communication, mastering Polish unveils linguistic connections, as it belongs to the West Slavic family, sharing affinities with Ukrainian and Czech and bearing some resemblance to Russian. This proficiency not only facilitates interaction with millions but also serves as a strategic foundation for delving into other Slavic languages, presenting a unique advantage in linguistic exploration.

The benefits of learning Polish

Go on a linguistic journey with Polish, unlocking doors to new adventures both abroad and within. For travelers, mastering Polish helps with the exploration of streets in Warsaw, castles in Kraków, and the beauty of Poland's national parks, providing a passport to genuine cultural experiences. Living abroad can be a transformative language immersion, whether studying at a university, working in tourist hubs, or retiring in a serene locale. Professionals can boost their global market competitiveness by connecting with Eastern Europe's burgeoning business opportunities through Polish. Beyond economic gains, learning Polish stimulates mental agility, fostering intellectual growth. Dive deep into Polish culture through literature, media, and culinary delights, enriching your understanding of this vibrant world. For those with Polish roots, learning the language is a bridge to heritage. Embrace Polish for adventure, cultural appreciation, and professional success in our interconnected world.

Learn Polish Lessons with Babbel-App

The most sensible start for learning Polish is with a language course. Yet, finding in-person classes can be challenging, and they lack the flexibility to accommodate learning at your preferred pace and time. Enter Babbel, offering the convenience to initiate your Polish journey whenever and wherever suits you best. The concise lessons seamlessly integrate into your schedule, enabling swift progress in Polish with just 15 minutes a day. Cultivating a learning routine is the key to enhancing your Polish skills. Thanks to Babbel's flexibility, you can complete lessons during your commute or on your break.

Babbel places emphasis on providing information that will have you conversing in Polish quickly. This includes practical topics such as self-introduction, discussing family and friends, sharing where you're from, and the crucial phrase Proszę to powtórzyć ("Please repeat that"). The integration of audio exercises is a key approach employed by Babbel to assist you in mastering reading, writing, and the pronunciation of Polish words. Test first lesson of every course for free!

Test first lesson of every course for free