Why to Learn German?

Boasting over 200 million speakers globally and a thriving economy with a global reach, German is only becoming more crucial with each passing day. Proficiency in German significantly broadens career opportunities, as businesses actively seek German speakers. Whether you're starting from scratch, have prior German language education, or are gearing up for a career shift requiring language proficiency, Babbel provides online courses tailored for learning German. These courses cater to all ages and proficiency levels, facilitating the journey to achieve your language-learning objectives.

Add value in the workplace with German language skills

Numerous enterprises throughout Europe and the United Kingdom engage with German-speaking markets, making German an essential language in domains like business development, online marketing, and sales. The demand for German speakers is substantial in various UK-based roles. Whether you're considering new career avenues or strategizing your professional future, language skills — especially proficiency in German — serve as a highly valuable asset on your CV.

Learn German for Travel

When exploring cities like Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich, having fundamental German language skills proves beneficial for interactions like ordering food, purchasing transportation tickets, and shopping. Babbel simplifies the process of learning German, offering exercises and tasks that mirror real-life situations. Additionally, German is spoken in Switzerland, Austria, parts of Belgium, and Liechtenstein.

German Lessons? Learn with Babbel-App

Mastering German, a language known for its complexity, becomes more accessible with Babbel's engaging content. The Babbel app provides valuable feedback on your speaking skills through voice recognition software, ensuring accurate pronunciation as you learn to speak German.

Integrate German learning into your daily schedule

  • Achieve steady and visible progress by dedicating a small amount of time each day. Babbel's courses are divided into manageable lessons, seamlessly fitting into your daily routine and allowing you to learn at your own speed.

  • Experiment with a few each day or tackle them sequentially. The lessons address practical, real-life subjects like introducing yourself, ordering food, and making travel plans, providing vocabulary useful for everyday situations and the grammar you'll need.

  • Babbel tailors language courses to your native and target languages, ensuring a personalized learning experience. The app's interactive lessons encompass listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Unsure of your proficiency? Take a German placement test, and Babbel will suggest the most suitable starting level for you.

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