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Which language should you learn represented by a woman sitting on a couch using her laptop

Quiz: Which Language Should You Learn?

Take this short quiz — at the end, you’ll know which language is best for you to learn.
A tree with a white question mark spray painted on it for the punctuation quiz

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Punctuation?

You might know how to punctuate a sentence, but that won’t help you much here.
A frustrated woman staring at her phone while trying to avoid common German mistakes

Quiz: Can You Avoid These Common German Mistakes?

Let us know if you find the magic formula for knowing when to use der, die and das correctly.
A young blonde woman confused by the long german words quiz

Quiz: Can You Tell Whether These German Words Are Real Or Fake?

German has lots of great, specific vocabulary. But don’t believe everything you read.
A man reading the newspaper learning about the 2020 year in review

Quiz: Do You Remember The Words That Defined 2020?

Test your knowledge of the past 12 months, which probably felt more like 12 years.
A dictionary with glasses and a pen on top for the etymology quiz

Quiz: Do You Know Where These English Words Are Originally From?

The history of words is, in many ways, the history of the world.
A bird's eye view of London representing British versus American English

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Differences Between British And American English?

Americans think British English is weird, Brits think American English is weird, but we can all agree: Australian English is the weirdest.
A plate of crepes that feature in our country food quiz

Quiz: Do You Know Where These National Dishes Come From?

Almost every country has a national dish that represents its cuisine, with some that are a lot more obvious than others.
A woman in a red sweater looking at her laptop and guessing the original meaning of words

Quiz: Can You Guess The Original Meaning Of These Common Words?

Some of these modern words have very little in common with their original forms.
world flags quiz

Quiz: Can You Identify The Country By Its Flag?

Let’s find out if you’re a true flag aficionado.