Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Punctuation?

You might know how to punctuate a sentence, but that won’t help you much here.
A tree with a white question mark spray painted on it for the punctuation quiz

You’ve used punctuation your whole life, and it might come as second nature to you (well, except for those tricky semicolons). Even if you can throw commas around with the best of them, though, there’s still plenty more to learn. These odd little symbols have weird histories, and the way they’re used around the world can differ quite a bit. The best way to learn more? You can always take a fun little punctuation quiz.

Keep in mind that any truly comprehensive punctuation quiz would be…endless. The quirks of punctuation marks go on for days. We picked some of the most obvious punctuation differences (as well as a few facts we just found interesting) to keep you engaged. And don’t worry if you’re stuck on anything — we give you a little context after each question to help you learn along the way.

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