Quiz: Do You Remember The Words That Defined 2020?

Test your knowledge of the past 12 months, which probably felt more like 12 years.
A man reading the newspaper learning about the 2020 year in review

Language, for the most part, seems to change pretty slowly. Teens might start using new words like “hip” and “radical,” but kids are always making up new stuff. This year, though, it feels like language went through some huge changes. It can be hard to keep track of it all (especially because this year felt like 20 smushed together), so now’s the perfect time to step back and look at the 2020 year in review.

We could just tell you about all the linguistic trends and language stories that made up the year, but what fun is that? We put together a quiz that looks back on this historic year and highlights some of the words and phrases that defined it. We also include some linguistic facts that might be of some interest.

2020 Year In Review Language Quiz

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