Babbel Live: Join live, online Italian classes

Get conversation-ready with live, online Italian classes taught by certified teachers. Improve pronunciation, get live feedback and practice in a small group.

There's so much to love about the Italian language and culture: the beautiful melody of it, fine art, music, food… but is it easy to learn in real life?

Learning a language is always a process but there are methods that will help you get there faster: speaking actively, guidance from qualified teachers and engaging learning activities that you can apply to real-life situations right away. Babbel Live was developed by experts to bring all these elements together and ensure a successful and fun language learning journey.
Let's see some of the benefits of learning Italian through live, online classes. Si parte!

Learn with certified online Italian tutors and teachers

Babbel Live’s selection of online Italian tutors and teachers is curated with rigorous standards, based on their qualifications and teaching experience. All teachers must be either native speakers or certified C2 speakers of Italian and they must have years of experience teaching both in person and online. Classes are also limited to a maximum of 6 students, so that the teacher can dedicate their full attention to each one of them. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, students can truly immerse themselves in the language and its culture, find the confidence to speak sooner and learn effectively.

Customize your own online Italian language course

Babbel Live’s online Italian classes focus on real-life topics and allow you to personalize your learning experiences by choosing your level and your favorite topics from hundreds of available options. You can customise your course based on your lifestyle, interests and language skills without having to compromise on your schedule or the fear of missing something important in class. How is that possible? The beauty of learning Italian in online classes is that you can take them anytime you want and wherever you want just by accessing the platform from your device. Our teachers are based all over the world so classes will be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tailor your own online Italian language course:

  • Access the Babbel Live platform from desktop or mobile

  • Choose your level and find classes on topics that interest you

  • Pick the day and the time more convenient to you

  • Book your classes and start speaking!

Join live online Italian classes

Speak actively during online Italian language group courses

Babbel Live's classes can accomodate up to a maximum of 6 students at the same level, connected from all over the world. Your teacher will guide the group through the topic of the day and encourage conversation among students. Thanks to their online teaching experience, the teachers will create the ideal enviroment for students to actively engage in speaking exercises, while providing immediate feedback on pronunciation, phrasing and grammar. And if you're feeling nervous about making mistakes remember just this: The safe space you'll find in your online Italian language group courses will allow you to really practice for your first conversation in the real world!

Live and online Italian tutoring is so much more than a regular language course

Students from all over the world, hundreds and hundreds of topics, world-class teachers… sounds like the recipe for success, right?
It does, and it comes with a bonus: Learning with Babbel Live will allow you to connect with like-minded students, share interests and your passion for the Italian language in a safe and inclusive atmosphere. After class you'll be able to further dive into the Italian language and explore the cultural insights you just learned by practising with our award winning self-study app, included in every Babbel Live subscription. Here you'll find podcasts, bite-sized lessons, games and magazine articles which will keep you engaged and motivated to work towards your language goal.

Learning Italian in online classes? Meraviglioso!

Whether you are learning Italian for your next trip, for your studies or career, to connect with your family and roots or simply because you love the sound of it: Babbel Live is a reliable and affordable option. Join our qualified teachers and enjoy the perks of learning Italian in online classes designed for real-life conversations.

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