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The Origins of Italian

Italian is the Romance language that retains the most resemblance to Latin. Modern Italian is based on a dialect that originated in Florence. The version of Italian people speak today became official in the 19th century.

Italian and English Cognates

Italian and English have many cognates, which are words that sound or are spelled the same way. For instance, the Italian word for 'familiar' is 'familiare.' 'Musica' is the Italian word for music. In Italian, 'diary' is 'diario,' and 'professor' is 'professore.'

Italian and English: False Friends?

Italian and English also have many false cognates, sometimes known as false friends. False cognates are words that are spelled or pronounced similarly in two languages but don't have the same meaning. For example, the Italian word 'camera' means 'room,' and 'parente' means 'relative,' not parent. 'Confrontare' doesn't mean to confront someone, but rather to compare something. The Italian 'estate' isn't someone's property – it means 'summer.' In Italian, 'cane' isn't something to walk with or a hollow plant stem. Instead, it's the word for 'dog.'

Italian Words in English

English speakers use many Italian words, sometimes without realizing their true origin. 'Ditto' comes from Italian, as does 'broccoli.' The words 'pasta' and even 'soda' were both part of Italian vocabulary first. If you have ever taken an algebra class or read a novel, you probably didn't realize that both 'algebra' and 'novel' come from Italian as well.

English Words in Italian

Italian speakers use their share of English words as well. The words 'weekend' and 'welfare' are popular with Italian speakers, as are 'shopping' and 'privacy.' 'Computer' has also evolved into a frequently used Italian term.

Babbel: The Best Way to Learn Italian Vocabulary

Babbel is the most effective way to learn Italian available on the market today. For beginners or seasoned speakers alike, we make improving your Italian vocabulary easy and affordable. Our system finds your language level and automatically provides you with course suggestions to help you learn Italian smoothly at your own pace.

Available on Multiple Platforms

We understand that learning a new language has to be conveniently integrated with your busy life. Babbel is designed to help you learn Italian words online through your computer or a mobile app. Whatever platform you use, including Android, IOS, or Win8, Babbel is available on all of them. We even have our own social network, so you can explore Italian words with others who share your skill level.

Makes Pronunciation Easy

Pronunciation is a crucial aspect of mastering a new language. Babbel features an integrated speech recognition tool that makes pronouncing Italian words easy. The tool works directly in your browser, so you only need a Flash player and a microphone to make your Italian sound native.

Designed For Your Lifestyle

We enable you to learn Italian at a stress-free speed that suits your specific lifestyle. Choose from Babbel's extensive collection of reading, writing, listening and pronunciation exercises. Babbel even suggests courses geared toward your skill level and interests. We realize that concentration is important, so you will never be distracted by annoying advertisements when you use Babbel.

Tracks Your Progress

Babbel is equipped with a review manager that keeps tabs on what Italian words you're having trouble with and the ones you've already mastered. The review manager automatically tweaks exercises at intervals designed to help you remember the most.

At Babbel, we make mastering the Italian language intuitive, easy, and most importantly, fun. Head to Babbel.com to learn more about how simple it is to learn Italian with Babbel.

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