Italian phrases

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Italian phrases

Italian is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn, and it can help you immensely when on holidays and in your professional life. If you want to learn Italian, read on and start practising some useful Italian sentences.

Learn Italian: Grammar and pronunciation

The first thing to note if you intend to learn Italian is that gender agreement and plural formation are quite different from English, and they often require learning a few suffixes and grammar rules. There are 21 tenses in Italian, as opposed to 13 in English, and each tense has a different conjugation for every grammatical person.

The good news is that Italian is considered a phonetic language, which means that there are very few differences between how it is written and how it is pronounced. Italian vowels can appear with or without an accent, which slightly changes the sound of the vowel. The consonants “c” and “g” can be pronounced in 4 different ways (“k”, “g”, “dg” as in edge, and “j” as in job). The phoneme “ch” is always pronounced as a “k”.

Learn Italian: Basic Italian sentences to introduce yourself

  • Hello / Ciao
  • My name is … / Mi chiamo ...
  • What's your name? / Come ti chiami?
  • How are you? / Come stai?
  • Fine, thank you / Bene, grazie
  • Nice to meet you / Piacere
  • Goodbye / Ciao or Arriverderci
  • Where is the bus station / train station / ATM / the bathroom? / Dov'è la stazione dell'autobus / la stazione ferroviaria / lo sportello bancomat / il bagno?
  • How can I get to …? / Come si arriva a …?
  • Is there a restaurant nearby? / C' è un ristorante qui vicino?
  • How much is this? / Quanto costa questo?
  • Can I have a discount? / Posso avere uno sconto?

How to learn Italian phrases

It is often claimed that the best (and fastest) way of learning a language is living in the country where it is spoken. However, if your circumstances do not allow you to move to Italy, there are other methods you can use to progressively expand your knowledge of Italian phrases, such as signing up for an Italian course at a language school, befriending Italian speakers, watching Italian TV online, listening to Italian music, or registering for an online Italian course.

Learning Italian phrases with Babbel

Babbel has been helping Italian learners with their Italian sentences since 2008. With our platform you can learn Italian anytime and anywhere. Registration is easy and it doesn't require you to download any software. You can even access your Italian lessons from your mobile phone, thanks to Babbel's iOS full featured application.

With multimedia exercises Babbel shows you how to form and pronounce Italian phrases correctly. Furthermore, in the Babbel Community you have the possibility to get in touch with Italian native speakers and practice your Italian via chat.

Courses are created to help you stay focussed and entertained. More importantly, lessons are designed by professionals with the objective of helping you progress and retain more material every time. With Babbel, you can work on pronunciation, business Italian, refresher courses, and many other specialised courses, all of which are competitively priced.

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