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With Babbel, you’ll learn practical and useful skills that you can apply right away — so you can reach your goal of having real-life conversations faster.

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Sharpen your pronunciation using speech recognition. Build your conversation skills with engaging, interactive dialogues. Get helpful grammar tips while reading, writing, listening, and exploring culture bites.

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Celeste | Excellent

Babbel is excellent - short and sweet and effective lessons and great quick review which is key to remembering. I love it! I’m learning Dutch!!

Roslyn | Excellent

Babbel has helped me to get a good grasp of the language in a fun and challenging way. I enjoy the dialogues and scenarios, which include helpful phrases that can be used in various situations.

Andrew | Excellent

Almost like real immersion. Practical dialogues that will be useful when I’ll have conversations in Italian.

Pat | Excellent

Great way to learn a language. Fun, interactive, and engaging. I am enjoying the course immensely and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn a second language

Helen | Excellent

I love this bite-sized, very clever language learning design. Genius!

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*Vesselinov, R. and Grego, J. The Babbel Efficacy Study. New York 2016. **Interviews conducted in USA