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Babbel teaches you a new language—you decide where it takes you.

The Babbel Difference

Arne Schepker | CEO of Babbel

Our focus is not just on teaching you a language, but on enabling transformative experiences. There is a strong sense of personal transformation as you begin to understand and speak with others in a new language.

Driven by our purpose — creating mutual understanding through language — we build products that help people connect with others and experience the transformational power of language. Whether it’s through the Babbel app, Babbel Live online classes, Babbel podcasts, or Babbel for Business, we take on the role of a personal language coach, guiding learners toward real-life conversations in their target language.

  • Most-sold language learning platform with over 16 million subscriptions sold

  • 60,000 lessons across 14 languages

  • 650+ certified language teachers and linguistics experts

  • "Most Innovative Language Learning Company", Fast Company, 2023

Our Products

Babbel App

Guided learning with award-winning courses, games, podcasts, and more.

Babbel Live Online Classes

Certified language teachers, hundreds of classes that fit your schedule.

Babbel for Business

Language learning solutions for your team.

Leading the way in language learning

Did you know Babbel’s beginnings actually trace back to music? In 2007, co-founders Thomas Holl, Markus Witte, Lorenz Heine, and Toine Diepstraten were building an online music platform when a casual conversation about learning Spanish sent them looking for options. 

While they found plenty of language-learning CD-ROMs and textbooks, they discovered there was no online solution. As web developers, entrepreneurs, and curious humans, they had the skills and mettle to fill this market gap. More importantly, they were inspired by a mission: helping people learn and grow through language. 

As the first online language-learning platform, Babbel is always learning and growing.  

Recent Awards

Fast Company

Babbel named Most Innovative Language Learning Company, 2023


Babbel wins prestigious EdTechX Language Learning Award, 2023

GSV 150

Babbel among 150 Most Transformational Companies in Digital Learning, 2023

Meet the Executive Team

Arne Schepker

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Christian Baier

Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director

Julie Hansen

Chief Executive Officer, US & Chief Revenue Officer

Kathleen Radford

Chief Learning Experience Officer


Berlin, Germany

Andreasstraße 72, 10243 Berlin, Germany

New York City, USA

285 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States

Babbel in the News

"Babbel is the all-around best choice."

"Babbel improved my German and Spanish conversation skills after one month."

"An actually motivational language-learning app. It assigns me seven activities each week with a satisfying activity tracker that fills up as I check off lessons."