Italian grammar

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Italian Grammar

The Italian language is known as one of the most melodious languages in the world. Italian is the native language of over 60 million people residing in not only Italy, but countries such as Brazil and Switzerland. Other countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia also have a lot of people who speak the Italian language.

You don't have to be planning a trip to Italy in order to spark a desire to learn the language. You can learn Italian in the comfort of your own home using Babbel.com. Our prices are very low, and you will not find a more user friendly interface which is also ad-free. Without those annoying ads popping up, you will be free to enjoy uninterrupted time to focus on learning.

As with other romance languages, Italian grammar differs from English grammar by changing the ending of nouns depending on whether the object you are speaking of is considered masculine or feminine. Also most Italian nouns end with a vowel. Although there are exceptions, as a rule you can count on the masculine words to end with "o" and the feminine words to end with "a". Additionally in the Italian language, all nouns that end in "amma" are masculine, while nouns ending in "zione" are female. You must understand the basics of Italian grammar in order to excel in the language. The tools you find on Babbel.com will help you master your technique.

Italian verbs can be easier to get down than nouns, as they all end in one of three ways. Italian verbs end with "are", "ere" or "ire". Therefore, hearing words with any of those endings should signal action.

Learning Italian with Babbel

When you start on your journey to learn Italian with Babbel.com, do not worry about trying to narrow down a specific dialect. Though the language differs slightly depending on which region you are visiting, most people you will be engaging with will be able to understand you, and you will be able to understand them. Think of the different Italian dialects as you would think of the differences in the English language depending on where you live. For instance someone born and raised in New York, would speak differently than someone in Texas. However, they are still able to hold a conversation and understand each other. The same is true of the different Italian dialects.

With Babbel.com, you can learn Italian at your own pace. Depending on how motivated you are, you can learn Italian in as little as a few weeks. You'll have fun with our interactive exercises perfectly designed to help your read, write, and understand Italian. Ensuring you have the basics of Italian grammar will go a long way when attempting a conversation with someone native to the language.

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Italian Grammar