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Spanish Grammar: When To Use Ser And Estar

Featuring the obligatory “to be or not to be” reference.

What Is Grammar?

This one’s for the grammar police.

German Grammar: How To Use The Genitive Case With Proper Names

Our German grammar detective looks into one of the most confusing aspects of the language.

Spanish Grammar: Figuring Out Grammatical Gender

Beware of exceptions! Because there are…a lot.

Spanish Grammar: When To Use Tú And Usted

Time to dive into a topic that combines grammar and etiquette.

9 Famous Songs With Bad Grammar (And How To Make Them Better)

Be it funky faux pas or catchy clangers, popular music is littered with all sorts of grammatical gaffes.

Quiz: Can You Spot The Spanish Grammar Mistake?

This beginner quiz will help you sort out the most common Spanish errors.

Academic Study Shows Motivated Babbel Learners Improve Speaking Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary

As language learning apps grow in popularity and accessibility, Babbel is committed to improving customer’s confidence in picking up on spoken language.

6 Questions With Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty

We spoke with Mignon Fogarty, creator and host of the Grammar Girl podcast, about her love of grammar and the ‘delightful’ differences between American and British English.