Quiz: Can You Spot The Spanish Grammar Mistake?

This beginner quiz will help you sort out the most common Spanish errors.
A woman on her laptop trying to spot the Spanish grammar mistake

When you first start learning a language, mistakes are going to happen. It’s a fact of life. There are a lot of very common errors that a Spanish-learner will make. Often times, mistakes come from mismatches between English and Spanish. If you try to translate word-for-word, the result will be a little off because the grammar isn’t exactly the same. The only way to beat this is by learning to spot Spanish grammar mistakes before you even make them.

Get started by taking our Spanish grammar mistakes quiz. Each question is based on one of the easiest mistakes to make, so it should help you out on all of the basics. If you have trouble, it just means you could use some more tips to help your learning.

Each question is one sentence, and you have to decide whether it’s correct or not. If you get it wrong, don’t worry, because we give you some feedback explaining the error. Happy hunting!

Learn to avoid Spanish grammar mistakes.
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