How To Talk About Free Time In Italian

Whether you like to play games at home or go see the opera, here’s a guide to talking about free time in Italian.
older man painting in his free time in Italian

Italy is world-renowned for its talent in the fine arts — classical music, the opera, masterful paintings, you name it — so learning the language may inspire you to pick up a new skill or hobby. After you’ve mastered the basics, like colors and numbers, you’ll want to learn how to talk about free time in Italian. Being able to have conversations about cultural activities, games, sports and hobbies will go a long way when you’re trying to chat with Italian speakers, or generally working to gain proficiency in the language.

Study this list of words and sentences related to how you spend your free time in Italian, and then practice using them in conversation. Press the play button to hear each vocab word or phrase pronounced by a native speaker.

Talking About Free Time In Italian

General Phrases About Free Time

What do you do in your free time? — Che fai nel tuo tempo libero?

Do you have any hobbies? — Hai qualche hobby?

to be fun — essere divertente

Arts And Culture Vocabulary

the theater — il teatro

the play — l’opera teatrale

the musical — il musical

to attend — assistere

the painting — il dipinto

the photography — la fotografia

the gallery — la galleria d’arte

the photo — la foto

to paint — dipingere

the drawing — il disegno

the performance — l’esibizione

to dance — ballare

the book — il libro

to read — leggere

the genre — il genere

the museum — il museo

the music — la musica

to sing — cantare

the instrument — lo strumento

the guitar — la chitarra

the piano — il pianoforte

Do you play an instrument? — Suoni uno strumento?

I like to listen to my music very loud. — Mi piace ascoltare la musica ad alto volume.

I like going to the theater to see plays and musicals. — Mi piace andare a teatro per vedere opere teatrali e musical.

I learn dancing in a dance course. — Imparo a ballare in un corso di danza.

Games And Activities Vocabulary

the game — il gioco

the puzzle — il rompicapo

the chess — gli scacchi

the card — la carta

to play — giocare

the video game — il videogioco 

the role-playing game — il gioco di ruolo

the board games — il gioco in scatola

the sport — lo sport

the soccer — il calcio

the gymnasium — la palestra

the team — la squadra

to go shopping — andare a fare la spesa

second-hand — seconda mano

eating out — mangiare fuori

the restaurant — il ristorante

the club — la discoteca

I love going to restaurants. — Adoro andare al ristorante.

I surf the internet. — Io navigo in internet.

I play soccer twice a week. — Gioco due volte a settimana a calcio.

I go regularly to the gym. — Vado regolarmente in palestra.

Do you play sports? (Lit. Do you do sport?) — Fai sport?

I jog every morning. — Faccio jogging ogni mattina.

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