How To Talk About Animals In Italian

Also known as, How To Look At Cute Pictures Of Animals While Technically Studying Italian.
Cat lounging in an Italian villa

One of the best ways to learn a language is to focus on the vocabulary you’ll most likely encounter. Learning how to talk about transportation and food ensures you’ll have the words you’ll need when visiting a new country, for example. But sometimes, this can get a little tiresome. You might want to infuse your learning with a little bit of fun once in a while, and what’s more fun than the animal kingdom? Learning the words for animals in Italian is a good time, whether you’re planning to visit an Italian zoo or not.

The creatures of the world are many, so we tried to cover as much basic ground with this list of animals in Italian. And if you’re curious to hear the sounds that Italian animals make, scroll down to the bottom.

General Animal Vocab

the pet — l’animale domestico

the wild animal — l’animale selvaggio

the farm animal — l’animale da fattoria

the sea creature — la creatura marina

the fur — il pelo

to feed — nutrire

the vet — il veterinario (masc.), la veterinaria (fem.)

Names Of Animals In Italian

the dog — il cane

the cat — il gatto

the fish — il pesce

the mouse — il topo

the hamster — il criceto

the rabbit — il coniglio

the rat — il ratto

the guinea pig — il porcellino d’India

the chicken — la gallina

the duck — l’anatra

the cow — la vacca

the pig — il maiale

the horse — il cavallo

the bird — l’uccello

the penguin — il pinguino

the dolphin — il delfino

the octopus — il polpo

the blue whale — la balenottera azzurra

the shark — lo squalo

the bear — l’orso

the wolf — il lupo

the snake — il serpente

the frog — la rana

the squirrel — lo scoiattolo

the giraffe — la giraffa

the deer — il capriolo

the bug — la bestiolina

the mosquito — la zanzara

the spider — il ragno

the bee — l’ape

the butterfly — la farfalla

Animal Sounds In Italian

woof — bau

meow — miao

cock-a-doodle-doo — chicchirichì

quack-quack — qua qua

moo — muu

ee-aw (donkey noise) — ioo

ribbit — cra-cra

cuckoo — cucù

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