Naming The Parts Of The Body In Italian

Let your occhi behold this very important vocabulary set.
woman facing a wall stretching one arm up body parts in italian

Much as language learning is a cerebral process, we process a lot of information through our senses and our bodies. And as any budding Italian speaker knows, we also use our bodies to communicate via liberal and frequent hand gestures. So don’t you think it’s worth learning to name the body parts in Italian? We do, which is why we put together a little cheat sheet for you.

Below, you’ll find some of the most basic vocabulary for body parts in Italian, as well as an audio pronunciation guide voiced by a native speaker.

Practice saying these words out loud, and then click the play button to hear how it’s pronounced until you get it right. And sure, you can gesture with your hands while you do it.

Body Parts In Italian

the body — il corpo

the part of the body — la parte del corpo

the foot — il piede

the hand — la mano

the arm — il braccio

the head — la testa

the finger — il dito

the eyes — gli occhi

the face — il viso

the leg — la gamba

the mouth — la bocca

the nose — il naso

the knee — il ginocchio

the ear — l’orecchio

the tooth — il dente

the neck — il collo

the back — la schiena

the stomach — la pancia

Sentences Involving Anatomy

Kittiwat Unarro, an artist in Thailand, makes different parts of the body out of bread — arms, hands, feet, even fingers! — Kittiwat Unarro, un artista tailandese, crea col pane tutte le parti del corpo immaginabili: braccia, mani, piedi e perfino dita!

His arm is in a sling. — Il suo braccio è fasciato.

We have four fingers and a thumb on each hand. — Abbiamo quattro dita ed un pollice in ogni mano.

Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t asleep. — I suoi occhi erano chiusi, ma non stava dormendo.

The mind-body problem in philosophy dates back thousands of years. — Il problema filosofico del corpo e dello spirito risale a migliaia di anni fa.

His nose is so big, he can smoke a cigar in the shower. — Il suo naso è così grande che potrebbe fumare un sigaro sotto la doccia.

Her ears stick out. — Lei ha le orecchie a sventola.

Is a round belly always a beer belly? — Ogni pancia grassa è una pancia da birra?

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