How To Talk About Free Time In Dutch

Sometimes all you want to do is zonnebaden en lezen (‘to sunbathe and read’).
people ice skating on frozen Amsterdam canal in their free time in Dutch

If you like riding your bike, you’ll fit in well in the Netherlands. In fact, the country has more bicycles than it does inhabitants. But cyclist or otherwise, you’ll want to learn how to talk about what you do in your free time in Dutch

Maybe you like to go to het theater. Or perhaps you’re into playing het voetbal (“soccer”). Whatever activities or hobbies you find enjoyment in, they’re more fun if you can share them with someone. Learning how to discuss your free time in Dutch will help build your language skills and make it easier to have conversations that are relevant to your life.

Study the words and phrases below, and press the play button to hear them pronounced by a native Dutch speaker.

Talking About Free Time In Dutch

General Hobby Vocabulary

the theater — het theater

the play — het toneelstuk

the movie — de film

to watch TV — tv kijken

to attend — bijwonen

the painting — het schilderij

the photography — de fotografie

the gallery — de galerie

the photo — de foto

to paint — schilderen

the drawing — de tekening

to dance — dansen

the book — het boek

to read — lezen

the museum — het museum

to listen to music — muziek luisteren

to sing — zingen

the instrument — het instrument

the guitar — de gitaar

the piano — de piano

the game — het spel

to play — spelen

the sport — de sport

the soccer — het voetbal

the gymnasium — het fitnesscentrum

the team — het team

to ride a bike — fietsen

to go for a walk — wandelen

to go shopping — boodschappen doen

second-hand — tweedehands

eating out — uit eten gaan

the restaurant — het restaurant

the club — de discotheek

the bar — de bar

the cafe — het café 

Free Time Phrases

What do you do in your free time? — Wat doe jij in je vrije tijd?

I love going to restaurants. — Ik hou ervan om uit eten te gaan.

I like to wander around town. — Ik slenter graag door de stad.

I play soccer twice a week. — Ik speel twee keer per week voetbal.

I will sunbathe and read. — Ik ga zonnebaden en lezen.

Do you play an instrument? — Bespeel jij een instrument?

Do you like going to the theater? — Ga jij graag naar het theater?

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