Quiz: Do You Know The Days Of The Week In Dutch?

Everybody’s working for ‘het weekend’! See how well you know the Dutch weekdays by taking our interactive quiz.
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Quiz: Do You Know The Days Of The Week In Dutch?

When planning a trip to the Netherlands, there are many fun and interesting activities you’ll want to build into your schedule. And knowing the Dutch weekdays will help you do so.

On Saturday, you may want to partake in the incredible Dutch flower market, where tulips are auctioned off. Monday could be a good day to visit the renowned Van Gogh Museum, but you’ll want to check the hours and may want to purchase your tickets online in advance. On Friday, you might hit one of Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops, or take a cruise down a canal.

The point is, knowing the Dutch weekdays will be to your advantage whether you’re traveling to the Netherlands or simply learning Dutch for fun. Take the quiz below to see how well you already know the days of the week in Dutch, and where you might need some extra practice.

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