6 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Learning Dutch

Put on your headphones and be on your way to speaking nederlands like a native.
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6 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Learning Dutch

You’ve always dreamed of visiting the Netherlands, but perhaps you need to dust off your Dutch and improve your language skills first. After all, you’ll want to make sure you do all you can to get ready to enjoy that boat ride through Amsterdam’s many canals or a historical tour of The Hague without being completely lost, language-wise. While you’re busy packing and prepping for your trip, you might not have time to sit down and, say, watch a Dutch TV show or read a Dutch book to practice your language skills — which is why you should consider listening to Dutch podcasts! 

Not only are Dutch podcasts a great way to hear the language as it’s used by native speakers, but also you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to enjoy them. They’re wonderful for those with an active lifestyle who want a more on-the-go approach to language learning. They might not be enough to teach you all the rules and fundamentals of Dutch, but they’re a start — and a great way to practice listening comprehension. 

Check out these 6 Dutch podcasts to tune in to if you’re learning nederlands

6 Dutch Podcasts For All Levels Of Learners

Zeg Het In Het Nederlands

This podcast, whose name means “Say It In Dutch,” is aimed at people in the process of learning Dutch, so it’s ideal for beginners and those who are looking for more didactic material that’s spoken more slowly and with a simpler vocabulary. It covers topics ranging from sports to politics to entertainment. You can listen to the podcast here.

Echt Gebeurd

This podcast, whose name roughly translates to “True Story,” is a narrative Dutch podcast partly inspired by the American podcast The Moth. Echt Gebeurd features a diverse range of storytellers on a stage recounting funny, special, beautiful or otherwise noteworthy tales of all the different that happened to them. The podcast bills itself as standing “in the middle between theater and the stories you tell each other after a nice meal.” It’s better for more advanced Dutch learners who want to challenge themselves to expand their lexicons and interact with more complex grammar. Here is the link to listen to the podcast.


Designed for beginner learners, this podcast features fun and effective audio lessons that run listeners through the most important vocabulary and grammar of Dutch, starting with the fundamentals. You’ll hear simulated real-life dialogues and conversations and also get a look into the important elements of Dutch culture. Plus, you can check out their YouTube channel here or go to their website for even more learning materials (though you might have to make an account).

Yous & Yay: New Emotions

Hosts Sef (Yous) and Pepijn (Yay) are two musicians who interview all sorts of characters in their studio, many of them artists, producers and other creatives who they think deserve to be highlighted and to have a platform to share about themselves. The tone is relaxed and casual with a conversational tempo, so it’s not too hard to understand for those just picking up the language. You can click here to tune in.

Man Met De Microfoon

A podcast whose name in English means “Man With The Microphone,” this show is hosted by Chris Bajema, a man in Amsterdam who features stories about and interviews with the people he encounters and the often off-the-wall experiences and perspectives they carry with them. Described as “lightly funny and substantively strong,” the podcast covers a wide range of topics from cars to holidays to potato salad. You can listen to it here.

SBS Dutch

The SBS, or Special Broadcasting Service, is actually an Australian multimedia network, but it has a rich and robust Dutch radio and podcasting program that’s a great way for Dutch learners of all levels to practice the language. The SBS Dutch podcast is full of audio interviews, short features, news and community stories from Australia and around the world. Its episodes are typically between 5 and 15 minutes long, making it easy to listen to a full one on your daily commute or as you wait for dinner to cook. Click here to listen.

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