Naming The Parts Of The Body In Dutch

Tune in for a quick and fun anatomy lesson.
finger pointing to a distant spot along the shoreline body parts in dutch

So you’re a student of the language. But have you learned how to talk about the body parts in Dutch yet?

There’s a surprising range of utility to this vocabulary set that goes way beyond doctor’s visits and biology class. A lot of idioms and expressions refer to body parts metaphorically, and for whatever reason, Dutch people love inflicting old-school diseases on each other when they curse each other out. Why not get even more creative with your insults by specifying where you’d prefer their typhus to be localized?

And if that’s not your style, there are plenty of nicer, everyday uses for this terminology. Just click the play button to hear how each word is voiced by a native speaker, and then check out the sentences at the bottom to hear how some of them are used in context.

Body Parts In Dutch

the body part — het lichaamsdeel

the body — het lichaam

the foot — de voet

the hand — de hand

the arm — de arm

the head — het hoofd

the eyes — de ogen

the face — het gezicht

the leg — het been

the mouth — de mond

the nose — de neus

the knee — de knie

the ear — het oor

the tooth — de tand

the neck — de hals

the back — de rug

the stomach — de buik

Sentences Involving Anatomy

I have a headache. — Ik heb hoofdpijn.

He broke his leg. — Hij heeft zijn been gebroken.

I feel sick and my stomach hurts. — Ik ben misselijk en heb maagpijn.

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