Commit To Learning A New Language

What is the best way to commit to learning a new language? In this article, we review what puts Babbel head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to getting serious about learning a new language.

Have you always wanted to learn a language, but found yourself daunted by expensive programs or frustrated with frivolous language “learning” games? Babbel hits the sweet spot, providing a cost-efficient, time-efficient way to learn a language easily and effectively. Here’s why Babbel is the best method for those of us who actually want to learn a language:

Stop Fooling Around

Games are a good way to pass the time. Babbel is a good way to learn a language and have fun. Unlike other options, Babbel was designed by a team of linguistic experts, so you know you’re getting the most professional language learning experience in the world. One of their cleverest features is the dynamic review manager, which recognizes a user’s strengths and weaknesses and works to correct trouble points.

Learn Smart, Not Hard

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Babbel, however, is the bite-sized lessons, which only take about 10 minutes to complete. Thanks to the intuitive design and compact activities, Babbel makes learning a language fit into your schedule without making you jump through hoops.

It’s Not Old School Learning

Are you nagged, like so many others, by memories of ineffective language learning in school? Babbel is nothing like what you remember. Not only is Babbel available on mobile devices and desktop — already a big improvement from stuffy classrooms and heavy textbooks — but the course structure is set up to give you confidence and get you speaking your new language from your very first lesson. Try it out and see for yourself!

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