You’re Doing It Wrong: Why Old-School Language Learning Doesn’t Work For You

Old-fashioned language learning can be painful, but there’s a better way to learn. Find out how technology can make learning easy.

Have you ever tried to learn a new language? Did you spend long hours in a classroom? Days making flashcards? Weeks studying for tests?

Did you see results? Yeah — neither did we. Not with that approach. It’s so last century.

There’s a better way to learn.

Hi. We’re Babbel, and we want you to know it’s possible to become fluent in a foreign language without the pain. We’re not a magic formula, shortcut, or hack — we just understand how to use technology to make language learning easier and more enjoyable than those old-school methods.

Speak confidently

If you ask us, speaking a new language in a classroom full of critical eyes isn’t exactly good for morale. And that teacher standing over you with a red pen is also kinda deflating.

Our lessons are made with your confidence in mind. We break down language learning into bite-sized lessons that build up your skills while giving you the reassurance that you’re really getting it. In fact, our users say they’re comfortable having a simple conversation in their new language after only 10 hours of learning! Say goodbye to that red pen!

Real learning, real conversations

Don’t get us wrong: here at Babbel, we love books! Our team of professional linguists read a lot of them to develop progressive, real-life lessons on a weekly basis. Yep, kind of a big deal. We take all the best resources and deliver only the most relevant content — and we won’t let anything outdated, crowdsourced, or secondhand slow you down. Plus, since didactics are always at the heart of what we do, you’ll never have to learn phrases you won’t actually use. Stop repeating “the turtle eats toast,” and start having real conversations.

Whenever wherever learning

Let’s face it: we’re always on the go. Between business, pleasure, and everything in between, we’re usually in several places at once. Spending hours in a classroom trying to pick up new skills just isn’t possible for everyone.

At Babbel, we’re serious about your time. We design convenient 5-10 minute lessons — on your smartphone, tablet or desktop — to give you highly-concentrated courses for the most efficient learning experience we can muster. Plus, we’re pretty sure you’ll prefer our affordable subscription options over pricey classroom courses anyday.

So, get with the times! Try Babbel for yourself.
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