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Giulia Depentor - Babbel Magazine

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Giulia Depentor

Giulia is a writer with a passion for true crime, family trees and historical eras she hasn’t lived in. In her spare time, she plays the ukelele and collects faded photos of people she doesn’t know.

Articles by Giulia

What’s The Difference Between An Accent Mark And An Apostrophe In Italian?

And more importantly, the answer to the million-dollar question: why is it written \”qual è\” instead of \”qual\’è\”?

8 Italian Expressions You Won’t Learn In School

Even if you studied Italian in school, we bet you’ll only learn these slang expressions on the streets of Italy… or by reading this article.

12 Italian Expressions That Other Languages Wish They Had

Water, priests, demons and nails: a list of the most colorful expressions in the Italian language.

The Origins Of Italian Carnival Masks

The Carnival of Venice is a celebration world famous for its intricate Venetian masks. But did you know that these masks are more than pieces of art?

11 Words Invented By Italian-Americans

It’s not all “gabagool.” Here’s a fun collection of words invented by Italian-American immigrants during the past century.

5 Venetian Words That Took The World By Storm

Some of the words you use all the time come from Venice, Italy.

The Definitive Guide To Italian Gelato

Gelato may be popular worldwide, but its roots trace back to Italy. Here’s everything you need to know about Italian gelato.

The Italian Lifestyle: 10 Steps To Italianize Yourself

Wish you could be more Italian? Our resident Italian, Giulia has got you covered. Embrace the Italian lifestyle in 10 easy steps!

4 Reasons Why Being An Expat Now Is Better Than 10 Years Ago

You think being an expat is difficult? Imagine being abroad alone without a smartphone and think again!