Babbel Live: live online French classes

Speak French with confidence thanks to live video lessons with qualified teachers

Why join French online language group courses?

When you're learning French by yourself, having conversations in real life can be a hurdle to overcome, since you might not have enough opportunities to practice speaking. That's why we developed our live, online classes where you can learn French in a conversational, interactive and relaxed setting. The teacher will make sure you feel comfortable and ease your way into speaking. You'll quickly find yourself interacting with the other learners as well and learning from each other.

What's the benefit of learning with online French tutors and teachers?

Practicing conversation is essential if you want to speak French in real life. Although the language may in fact seem simple to the untrained ear, there are a lot of nuances in the spoken language that are key to understanding locals. Our native and native-level teachers will teach you these cultural nuances that you might not learn about otherwise. That way, you're fully set up for success when having your first French conversations in the real world.

Babbel Live features:

  • Live and online language classes

  • In small groups of up to 6 students

  • Qualified and experienced French teachers

  • Conversation and dialogue exercises on topics that are useful for everyday life

  • On-the-spot feedback and corrections

Learn with group French lessons

Why learning French in online classes is better than in person

We all have busy schedules. Finding the time to physically go to a language school can be stressful. Babbel's live, online classes give you the luxury to learn a language in a conversational environment wherever, whenever. Whether you hop on a class during your lunch break or after you've put the kids to bed and done the laundry – you'll be sure to find a class that slots right into your day.
On top of the flexibility that live, online classes provide, you'll also save money. Traditional language schools are expensive. With a Babbel Live subscription, you pay a small fee once a month and gain access to an unlimited amount of classes. So you can join as many as you want and whenever you want.

How to get started with Babbel's online French tutoring:

  • Book your online French lesson, choosing the level and topics that interests you most.

  • After booking, you will receive instructions and teaching materials in advance to prepare you for the topic of the day.

  • You will also receive the Zoom link to your virtual French class, with your teacher and classmates.

  • During the class you will practice French conversation, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more!

  • After the lesson, you can continue learning French for free with the Babbel App and prepare for the next one. 15-minutes a day are more than enough!

Online French language courses in a nutshell

Trained French teachers, students at the same level as you to chat with, in-depth classes, personalized study paths... Babbel's live, online classes offer you everything you need to make fast progress. So get started now! We can't wait to hear you speak French in one of our live, online classes!

First steps? Get started and try the Babbel App now!