Why you should learn French phrases

Investing time in learning French can be a valuable asset for your career. The notion that English suffices for international business is diminishing. Companies expanding globally now prioritize employees proficient in multiple languages. As French is spoken in numerous major destinations and anticipated to become the world's most popular language, acquiring proficiency in French aligns with sound business strategy. Additionally, French's close connection to other Romance languages such as Spanish and Italian enhances your potential to learn these languages efficiently if you want.

Essential conversational French phrases

When you have conversations in the French-speaking world (and isn’t that the goal of learning a new language?), you’re going to rely on a handful of conversational French phrases that will become like second nature to you. They’ll be your go-to phrases in many situations, so they’re important to master from the beginning of your French journey. From “Hello!” to “How are you?” to “Where’s the bathroom?” and everything in between, here’s our list of essential French phrases for conversation.

  • Où y a-t-il un supermarché ? — Where is there a supermarket?

  • Où sont les toilettes ? — Where are the toilets?

  • Je cherche la gare. — I’m looking for the train station.

  • À quelle heure ouvre/ferme le musée ? — What time does the museum open/close?

  • Vous pourriez me recommander un bon hôtel ? — Can you recommend a good hotel?

  • J’ai perdu mon passeport ! — I have lost my passport!

  • Nous avons deux valises. — We have two bags.

  • Combien coûte un ticket pour l’aéroport ? — How much does a ticket to the airport cost?

  • Je voudrais acheter un billet. — I would like to buy a ticket.

  • À quelle heure faut-il arriver ? — When (at what hour) should I arrive?

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