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Learning French vocabulary

Several ancient languages, such as Gaulish, Roman, and Frankish contributed to the formation of the French language. The Gaulish language influenced place names in French while the language’s counting system features Celtic influences. However, Latin has contributed the most to the modern day French language. French vocabulary can be traced back to Latin. In addition, grammatical words like prepositions, articles and auxiliaries as well as the language’s common nouns, verbs and adjectives also descend from Latin.

In 29 countries, French is the official language. It is also the official language of the agencies in the United Nations and numerous international organizations. In fact, according to reports, an estimated 77 million European people speak French natively. If you intend to travel to a part of the world that speaks French, then you may consider the benefits of learning the language. Today, a number of language learning methods are available. You can learn in a classroom or from a tutor, but the easiest and most convenient technique is to sign up for an online program that teaches you how to speak French when you have the time to learn. Our company has developed a comprehensive language-teaching program to help you learn French quickly and easily.

About English and French Vocabulary

The English and French languages use some of the same words. Keep in mind that in the two languages, there are thousands of words that are similar or identical to each other. Since a large number of words are similar, it is easier for native English speaking people to learn French. Similar words include la soupe, la famille and le docteur.

Words that are called false friends in English and faux amis in French have a similar appearance, but their meaning is different. For instance, if you tell an English-speaking person that he or she is versatile, then the remark will probably be considered a compliment, but if you make the same comment to a French speaking person, then he or she will think that you consider him or her fickle or untrustworthy.

About Babbel

With our language program, you’ll learn French phrases as well as French vocabulary. In fact, we use a systematic technique to teach you the language. The program features beginner’s courses, which will provide you with a basic introduction of the language. Once you’re ready to move on, you’ll begin working with our company’s intermediate courses. Our intermediate lessons will give you the tools to speak French phrases. During the course, you’ll also learn how to read and write the language.

Babbel's language program is affordable and effective. While you’re working to understand and speak French phrases, you’ll have access to an ad-free interface to avoid distractions. We give you learning exercises that focus on reading, listening, writing and pronunciation. You can learn at your own pace, and if you have a mobile device, such as an iOS, Android or Win8 unit, then you can download our app to learn and practice French from any location. Your French language courses will teach you how to put together sentences, and when you choose to learn through our method, you’ll receive detailed instruction that will help you gain confidence.

In Summation

By selecting our French program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the language through convenient methods. Our program will teach you French vocabulary as well as French phrases. In addition, our company’s language technique focuses on teaching you the proper pronunciations for vowels and consonants. Once you complete the program, you should be able to travel to French speaking countries and communicate effectively.

French Vocabulary