• French grammar practice in easy, understandable steps at beginner and advanced levels. Learn French verb conjugation, French pronouns and French tenses with clear, concrete examples and lots of exercises.

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  • Nouns and Accompanying Words Copyright information

    Nouns and Accompanying Words

    Learn some important basics of French grammar, such as definite and indefinite articles, demonstrative adjectives and endings of nouns and adjectives.

  • Verbs in the Present Tense Copyright information

    Verbs in the Present Tense

    Learn and practice many regular and irregular French verbs in the present tense and in the imperative forms.

  • Pronouns Copyright information


    Learn some fundamentals of French grammar and expand your knowledge of emphatic pronouns, object pronouns and demonstrative pronouns.

  • Tenses Copyright information


    Expand your knowledge of French grammar by learning many new tenses, their irregular forms and how to use them.

  • Questions Copyright information


    Learn about and practice how to form and use different kinds of questions.

  • Building Sentences Copyright information

    Building Sentences

    Expand your knowledge of French grammar and practice negation, question forms, prepositions, reported speech and conditional sentences.

  • Verbs in the "subjonctif" Copyright information

    Verbs in the "subjonctif"

    Learn the forms and how to use the "subjonctif" in French step by step.