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We are a team of more than 750 people from over 50 nations with a shared passion for languages. From our offices in Berlin and New York, we help people discover the joys of self-directed language learning. We currently offer 14 different languages — from Spanish to Indonesian — that millions of active subscribers choose to learn.

Articles by Babbel

11 Books Every Wanderluster Should Read Before Traveling

Plus, a few movie and TV show recommendations.

Language Learning Tips For Travel: Your Guide To Navigating Other Tongues 

Clothes? Check. Passport? Check. New language? Well, that’s up to you.

Babbel Launches Search To Find Lost Gold Medal Awarded To America’s First Spelling Bee Champion

Rediscovering the remarkable story of Marie C. Bolden, an African-American teenager from Ohio, who in 1908 became champion of the first national Spelling Bee.

Family Glossary: Defining The Different Ways We Live Together

When it comes to the variety of ways families have organized themselves around the world and throughout time, the nuclear family is just one of many possibilities.

Learn About Language And Culture With Babbel Spanish Lessons

In these short texts, you’ll learn both vocabulary and a little more about the Spanish-speaking world.

Commemorating Haitian Heritage Month With The Le Flambeau Foundation

For three years, Babbel has partnered with LFF to provide language learning tools and scholarships to Haiti.

Would It Be Better To Learn A New Language Like A Child Does?

It might seem like children are natural language learners, but it’s not so simple.

German Punctuation Marks And How To Use Them

German punctuation isn’t so different from English, but there are a few things that might trip you up.

Spanish Lesson: Leyendas Del Norte De España

Find out about some of the legends based in Galicia, a part of northern Spain.