Pick Up Where You Left Off… In Your High School Language Class

Babbel makes it easy to access what you learned years ago

“Oh yeah — I took two years of Spanish in high school. But I don’t remember any of it.”

Sound familiar?

Every now and again, someone will ask if you’ve ever learned another language. If only vague memories of sterile classrooms and conjugation tables come to mind, you’re not alone — most Americans have taken just a year or two of foreign language classes in high school, often with mixed results. Though you might remember a handful of greetings or the word for “shoes,” it’s unlikely you reached fluency after only a couple years of half-hearted high school language learning.

There’s little doubt, however, that a second (or third) language opens new opportunities and boosts your resume. So here’s a question for you: If you could speak Spanish, would you? What if we told you that your primary obstacle wasn’t a lack of skill, but a lack of confidence? You might not have mastered the language in your junior year (to say the least), but the fact is, much of what you did learn is actually stored in your brain’s long-term memory. Like remembering the lyrics of your favorite songs from adolescence, you’re likely to recognize many of the words and phrases you picked up in high school, mostly due to all of that repetition.

And that’s where Babbel can help — instead of starting from scratch, why not pick up where you left off? You might be surprised how quickly you’ll really be speaking a foreign language.

Babbel exercises your working and long-term memory, helping you access what you’ve recently learned, and building progressively on a foundation that already exists.

With audio and visual material, comprehensive exercises, and user-friendly technology, Babbel helps users not only process learned material, but incrementally retain new memories.

No matter how long it’s been since your last lesson, Babbel reactivates your language learning capacity. By turning speech and sentence-building into functions, Babbel helps you move beyond memorization to habitual skill-building and speaking. So pick up where you left off — this time, with the tool you need to excel.

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