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Hello World! Welcome to the Babbel Tech Blog.

From today on, we, the Babbel engineering team, would like to share our experiences about developing and maintaining the Babbel platform: The website, various mobile apps and the infrastructure behind it.

Some information about us and our infrastructure:

  • We are currently 25 FTE in the engineering department growing rapidly and about 12 FTE in product development.
  • For our web applications, we are developing in Ruby and Javascript (and CoffeeScript).
  • We are developing mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows (Phone and 8), and thus, using Objective C, Java and C#.
  • Most of our web applications are Ruby on Rails applications, some special purpose applications like our tracker is written in node.js
  • The infrastructure running our web applications is hosted on AWS, mostly on OpsWorks, some an Elastic Beanstalk.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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