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Zach Sporn - Babbel Magazine

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Zach Sporn

Zach was born in Queens, New York, and has lived in Montreal, Budapest and, for the past six years, Berlin. At Babbel, he facilitates the exchange of expert knowledge and insights between his colleagues and researchers in various academic disciplines, including linguistics and economics. His anthems are 90's rap, 80's funk and old soul.

Articles by Zach

How Babbel Kept Students Learning Languages Through the First Lockdown

Babbel lived up to its purpose by providing students worldwide free access to its app during lockdown.

Babbel Podcasts: Listen and Learn

The team behind Babbel Podcasts weighs in on what makes engaging audio for beginners, the importance of deep listening, and why we kept podcasting during a pandemic

Why Babbel teaches inclusive language

To commemorate Pride Month, Babbel’s language experts reflect on how they ensure diverse representation of race, gender and sexuality in our language courses.

Academic Study Shows Motivated Babbel Learners Improve Speaking Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary

As language learning apps grow in popularity and accessibility, Babbel is committed to improving customer’s confidence in picking up on spoken language.

How Babbel complements traditional language courses and fosters integration

A Babbel case study shows how mobile language learning apps can complement traditional language courses when settling into a new environment.

How I Flipped My Classroom: A Spanish Teacher’s Experience Using Babbel at Her University

Language training specialist Cristina Pérez Muñoz shares her experiences of traveling and teaching with Babbel.

An Interview with Geoff Stead, Babbel’s New Executive Vice-President of Didactics

New to Babbel as Executive Vice-President of Didactics, Geoff Stead opens up about his background in emerging educational technology and his philosophy for improving learning and communication.

Babbel: Perspectives speakers series kicks off with stimulating debate on Gender and Language

Zach from Babbel’s Communications team has organized a dialogue between colleagues and experts on Gender and Language for the first edition of Babbel: Perspectives.

How Babbel learns from our learners

Two Babbelonians discuss our learners’ essential contributions to optimizing and improving our courses.