Un Día En Español 1: Surfing In Puerto Escondido

In the first episode of our podcast for Spanish beginners, Andrea tells us about facing her fears in the ocean.
Un dia en espanol surfing

Header photo by Jenna Elizabeth

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Episode 1: Surfing In Puerto Escondido

In the first episode of Un día en español — our new podcast for beginner Spanish learners — we meet Andrea, who is from Panama but now lives in Mexico. She loves hanging out at the beach and has always wanted to try surfing, but something has been holding her back. On this particular day, she decided to finally face her fears — with a little help from a new friend.

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Key Vocabulary

las vacaciones  (the) vacation
la ciudad  the city 
los amantes del surf  surf lovers 
la ola  the wave 
No sé nadar.  I can’t (lit. I don’t know) swim. 
la playa  the beach
me encanta  I really like 
me gusta I like 
de repente  suddenly 
la tabla de surf  the surfboard 
el chaleco salvavidas  the life jacket 
Estoy listo/a.  I‘m ready. 
madrugar  to get up early 

Dynamic Transcript

Show Notes

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