Introducing Un Día En Español: A Spanish Learning Podcast

A new Spanish learning podcast featuring stories from a day in the life of ordinary Spanish speakers.
two people listen to Un día en español, a Spanish learning podcast

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In this language-learning podcast for Spanish beginners, each episode takes you inside a memorable day in the life of a Spanish speaker in the U.S. or Latin America. Brought to you by our team of language experts, the show features stories told in basic Spanish with helpful guidance and learning tips in English along the way.

This Spanish learning podcast will premiere this winter. Here are some of the types of stories you can expect to hear in season one:

There will also be a Babbel Magazine article accompanying each episode,  highlighting key Spanish vocabulary and providing a dynamic transcript and a full Spanish version of the story to test your knowledge. You can see all Un Día en Español podcast content as it’s published by visiting this page.

Un Día en Español is a production of the language app Babbel. The show is hosted by Sebastian Escobar. Editing and sound design by Iván Simonovis Pertiñez. Our producers are Elin Asklöv, Carmela López, Dylan Lyons, Andy Nielsen, and Madeleine Townsend-Clark. Our executive producers are Jen Jordan and Daniel Meehan. Whether you’re hoping to chat with Spanish-speaking friends or explore a new culture, the Babbel app has all the lessons you need to have conversations in Spanish.  Be sure to subscribe to Un Día en Español wherever you get podcasts!

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